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"How’s my disguise?"


Lisa being a cutie

x znt
Anonymous said: Who is your #im pretty gay tag for? :P You don't have to answer this if it was supposed to be a secret, just curious. You can answer it indirectly in a text post, if you want. Sorry for the trouble!

aaa no no its no trouble at all!! it is a secret though, i dont really like telling others who i like unless im extremely comfortable with talking to them, or if they dont know the person i like all that much „, , so it isnt super awkward i guess?? if that makes sense, „ , ermm, im sorry though!!


y’all wanting to fuck a buncha animatronic furries from five nights at freddys, I’m gonna give you five nights at church tbh 

x fnaf x snippy


the ahoge is larger and more deadly

x dr x drae


Little Girl Plays on Gentle Giant Tibetan Mastiff ** video **

there was never any sanity to begin with.

x znt


my favorite yuri horror game

Some… girls from another school stopped him outside…

Anonymous said: poekmon


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